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Roast beef and watercress sandwiches


Roast beef and watercress sandwiches

  • 10m prep
  • makes 4 sandwiches

  • Indulge in a time-honoured tradition and devote an afternoon to high tea - complete with bite-size sandwiches!

    Allergens: Recipe may contain gluten, wheat, egg, mustard and yeast.

    5 Ingredients

    • 8 slices multigrain bread
    • 50g softened butter
    • 2 tbsp horseradish cream
    • 150g slices rare roast beef
    • 1 cup watercress sprigs

    2 Method Steps

    • Place the bread on a clean surface and spread evenly with butter. Lightly spread horseradish cream on each slice. Top half the bread slices with roast beef and top with watercress sprigs. Sandwich with remaining bread slices.
    • Use a serrated knife to remove crusts. Cut each sandwich in half lengthways. Place on a serving platter and serve immediately.


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