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Ricotta and spinach gnocchi bake
مريم 26 September 2023
  Ricotta and spinach gnocchi bake 05m  prep   10m  cook   4  servings You don't need heaps of ingredients to cook up hea...
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Vegan chilli con ‘carne’
مريم 24 September 2023
  Vegan chilli con ‘carne’ 20m  prep   30m  cook   6  servings For an easy family dinner, try this vegan and vegetarian-frien...
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Magic 4-ingredient potato bake
مريم 22 September 2023
  Magic 4-ingredient potato bake 20m  prep   1h 05m  cook   6  servings What do you get when you combine a creamy potato bake...
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Cornish pasties
مريم 21 September 2023
  Cornish pasties 1h  prep   1h  cook   4  servings Feast your eyes on these cornish pastries that even the saucepan lids wi...
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Easy muffin pan vegie fricos
مريم 20 September 2023
  Easy muffin pan vegie fricos 25m  prep   25m  cook   makes  12 Frico is an Italian dish usually made with leftover potatoes...
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