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Vegan chilli con ‘carne’
مريم 24 September 2023
  Vegan chilli con ‘carne’ 20m  prep   30m  cook   6  servings For an easy family dinner, try this vegan and vegetarian-frien...
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Easy slow cooker chicken tacos
مريم 23 September 2023
  Easy slow cooker chicken tacos 10m  prep   4h 30m  cook   6  servings There's only 10 minutes required to get this fami...
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Chicken and avocado wraps
مريم 13 September 2023
  Chicken and avocado wraps 20m  prep   4  servings These simple and healthy wraps can be enjoyed at home or on the go. 10  In...
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Easy pumpkin soup recipe
مريم 11 September 2023
  Easy pumpkin soup recipe 10m  prep   40m  cook   6  servings The beauty of pumpkin soup - and this classic pumpkin s...
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